About the Authority


Established in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Association on behalf of the Saudi Red Crescent Society by Royal Decree No. 1 in the 16/01/1383 e have cryptographic legal for an unlimited period, and its main city of Riyadh, includes activities throughout the Kingdom and its system based on the Geneva Conventions and the principles endorsed by the Conference Crescent and the international Red Cross, have been transferred to the Assembly named the Saudi Red Crescent Authority Council of Ministers resolution No. 371 and the date of 24.12.1429 e

Training programs:

  •   Prince Bandar bin Sultan award for academic achievements (1995).

Researches, books and conferences participations:

  •  Writing and publishing number of scientific researches and authoring two books:
    • 1- Basics of Information security.
    • 2- Policies of Information security.
  •  Writing a weekly column in number of local newspapers.
  •  Participating in several conferences, symposiums, conventions, forums and workshops.

Authority Target

Seeking to mitigate calamities and human suffering without discrimination or segregation in the transaction for any reason.

- The Authority in order to achieve the goal, including the following

  •  Preparedness and work in peacetime and in time of war as a help medical departments in the armed forces for cooperation and integration for the benefit of all victims of war and civilian and military personnel in all conditions set forth in the Geneva Conventions, especially the sick and wounded transfer and the establishment of the Red Crescent hospital in the locations specified by the military leadership and preparation means and help the victims of war and prisoners of war and mediate in their correspondence, whether inside or outside the Kingdom exchange transfer
  •  Storage gear and equipment shelter and medicine and all what is needed to treat the sick and wounded and care for prisoners
  •  Provide urgent aid needed for victims of accidents and disasters and public calamities
  •  Transport sick and injured in accidents and contribute to their treatment and to participate in the fight against epidemics and provide medical services and to participate in the dissemination of health education and the establishment and management of hospitals, clinics and pharmacies, clinics and aid stations blood transfusion
  •  Provision of health services and medical assistance to the pilgrims and health care in cooperation with the competent departments
  •  Advance the mission of nursing and work to measure nurses, and trained on the work of hospitals and emergency situations, as well as specialists and assistants and social workers and others who have them need to achieve their purposes, whether part-time or volunteer, and this is particularly either training sessions or create Madras ambulance, nursing or assist in its creation
  •  Insurance of first aid at the scene, and the transfer of sick and injured to treatment centers
  •  Contributing to the humanitarian and social services in line with the message of the Red Crescent
  •  Publication of the Red Crescent humanitarian purposes and principles of humanity
  •  Closer relations and exchange of possible aid between them and the International Crescent and Red Cross Societies and other similar bodies
  •   Doing these in peacetime and war, as required under the circumstances and in accordance with the objectives of the Red Crescent



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