Authority Mission

  •   Providing emergency medical services with efficiency and effectiveness to citizens and expatriates in the Kingdom in normal circumstances and disasters.
  •   Contribution on raising the level of health awareness.
  •   Involvement in the relief works inside and outside the Kingdom.
  •   Providing services in accordance with Islamic teachings, values, vocational professionalism and statutes.
  •   Highlighting their role of humanitarian and strengthen the relationship with the public, government, civil relevant authorities locally and globally.
  •   Development of their staff and employees by providing training and rehabilitation and motivating them.

Speech of President of the Commission

There is no doubt that we have the role and responsibility to raise hope in the heart of people around us and relief their pains as a responsibility placed on us by Allah his almighty, for that we would be blissful when our utmost objective is the reward from Allah almighty. In this sense and for our belief in the guidance of the noble Islamic teachings and values that our rational government of this noble country pursued in assistance and alleviating the pain and suffering of all people who reside on the soil of our country either citizens or a expatriates when a case of an emergency or disaster occurs around them not only within the Kingdom but also abroad, the Saudi Red Crescent Authority as the sole body responsible for providing emergency services for pre-hospital care is working hard to deliver sophisticated, efficient and reliable ambulatory services in all regions of the Kingdom. The Saudi Red Crescent Authority is keen to provide the best medical and emergency services to the pilgrims, Umrah performers and visitors of Prophet's Mosque. The Buggy stretcher, for instance, is introduced in Hajj season where it is considered the first of its kind in the world. With its small size and ease of control it has been developed and designed all by the Saudi Red Crescent Authority that works on improving the service provided to all segments of the society in all parts of the Kingdom. The Saudi Red Crescent Authority is also working on to raise the level of employees by delivering the latest training programs, and for that, Saudi Humanitarian Emergency Aid and Response team program was established to provide humanitarian assistance for victims of disasters with best international performance standards and readiness to meet the call of duty with no discrimination at any time around the world, in addition to air ambulance with up to date modern aircrafts covering the majority of the regions of the Kingdom. The authority is also making their effort to increase the covered area in all regions of the Kingdom to serve citizens and expatriates. The Authority is always seeking to strengthen its role in humanitarian assistance for encountering disasters inside or outside the Kingdom by providing distinctive ambulatory, medical and relief services that show the bright image of the notable position of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Authority also cooperates in order to achieve this role with government agencies, international organizations and bodies involved in this field. In the last years, the Saudi Red Crescent Authority has made a remarkable and tangible development in the delivering of emergency services, being proud of the achievements of the position obtained and the pioneering role at the international level in the field of emergency and humanitarian services, that all achieved by the bounty of Allah his almighty then for the position of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the local and international arena in the field of humanitarian works. The Saudi Red Crescent Authority is dedicating every effort with seriousness, insistence and sincere determination to achieve its strategies that laid the bases with responsive and extensive studies and a comprehensive look at the future. The Authority is working on achieving what were planned by attracting more qualified staff in the field of ambulatory services and other fields tasked by the Authority and provide them with training and rehabilitation, expansion in the provision of air ambulance services to cover all parts of the Kingdom, elevating the Authority's fleet of ambulances and increase their numbers and create new ambulatory centers to cover the Kingdom's cities, villages and Hijars. The Authority, with the willing of Allah, will work on the implementation of its strategy according to a realistic and revolutionary vision which delivers its services and dissemination in a way that achieves a development of its services in accordance to future tendency. Faisal bin Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud



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