Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Prince Naif First Aid courses can be reached for registration by our toll free Number or visiting the training directorates in the regions
The Authority provides a number of Medical Training Courses and can be reviewed here
Visit the Volunteer page and fill the required form and attend Prince Naif First Aid program.
To review the volunteering regulations here
Volunteering for females in Hajj or Ramadan season is limited to volunteers of (Makkah and Medina) regions for suitable environment provided for women volunteers.
According to the 4th article of the organizing regulations of volunteering works in the Authority, volunteering fields for women are as follows:
1. Ambulatory Medical Services.
2. Humanitarian and Relief services.
3. Training, education and awareness.
4. Participation in Hajj and Umrah ambulatory services.
5. Field operating and maintenance.
6. Any other duties required by circumstances.

Every specialized course has a different verification body. Check available courses here for more info
Such certificate dose not authorize you to work as a paramedic but enrich first aid skills.
Relief aid is delivered by King Salman Humanitarian Aid & relief Centre according to the royal decree number 55326 dated 29-11-1438 H
Please, contact financial department.



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If you have already called ambulance assistance, how long did it take them to arrive?

3-5 minutes
5-10 minutes
More than 15 minutes

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