Follow-up team rationalize staff performance and reduce requirements to guarantee work quality

This year during Hajj season, the Saudi Red crescent authority had a different approach which is rationalizing the participating personnel performance plus decreasing their needs which guaranties the work quality and decreasing the authority coasts during its work every year. The authority plans for Hajj this year included commissioning a supervising team presided Dr. Hassan AL-Zahrani in order to supervise and evaluate the committees plus following up the services provided to pilgrims through visiting more than 135 ambulance centers including (43) centers in Mecca, Mina (36) centers Arafat and muzdalifah (34) centers and (6) land seasonal centers covering pilgrims high ways.

             The follow-up team assures the readiness of the ambulances and motorbikes containing medical materials and equipment, moreover checking the work of the volunteer teams, the rest of the committees and supply teams and services, also the supervising team touring to make sure of applying the authority plan during Hajj seasons beginning a tour in the hajj operation center to dealing with all negativities at once, in addition to the tasks written down the ambulatory protocol and work violations being in the field. Moreover how to respond to the ambulatory cases and calls which needs the absolute vigilance and following up the wireless devices throughout the day, in cases of exceeding the call time more than two minutes there is a violation recorded for the center by the follow-up team if there is no response. 



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If you have already called ambulance assistance, how long did it take them to arrive?

3-5 minutes
5-10 minutes
More than 15 minutes

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