The Saudi Red Crescent Authority gets ready to receive the pilgrims with 200 ambulances and 26 advanced life support in Tarwiah day

         The Saudi Red crescent authority with its staff completed its readiness to receive the pilgrims during their marching to Mina holy area to spend the Tarwiah day (the eighth day of Dhul Hijjah), the authority prepared 36 ambulatory centers with new medical equipment having 503 personnel (doctors, specialists and ambulance technicians) distributed to 200 ambulatory teams, in addition of 26 advanced life support teams, those teams are provided with new and well- equipped ambulances suitable for the ambulatory services internationally, also those ground teams are provided with air coverage by the air ambulance in case of emergency through the centering helicopters on ALJamarat bridge landing field and the established landing field at Mina borders, plus making all helicopters in standby case.

            Mina holy area ambulatory services supervisor the specialist Mazen AL-Ghamdi said that the authority plan for Tarwiah day is completing for the Holy areas general plan, which begins from sunset until the seventh day and Arafat day dawn, notifying that the Red Crescent authority works hard providing the ambulatory services, plus the authority is keen on developing the personnel's scientific and occupational abilities in all technician and operation administrative fields by designing training programs such as workshops, lectures and alternative emergency plans plus ambulatory cases simulations, participating with other assigned sectors every sector having its own specialization.   

           Revealing that this year, the ambulatory medical services brings the best medical ambulatory and efficiencies working for the authority to participate in the authority plan during hajj season, which reinforce the ambulatory services  performance quality, besides giving them the occupational experiences  through the work during Hajj seasons, adding that the authority ambulatory plan for hajj season this year including the holy areas train stations where there are special ambulatory teams centers inside, and the transporting train in order to make the ambulatory services close to handle the cases in case of injury according to high medial standards.   



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