SRCA Secures Emergency Lines with Backups for Communications and Wireless Networks

Completing the Red Crescent authority readiness for hajj season this year, the general management of information technology assembled all technician and administrative crows plus providing all equipment to the field and administrative teams in order to ease their tasks and increase the readiness to the maximum degree to guaranty connecting the ambulatory service to the emergency operations 997, in addition to connecting the field ground and air teams to the leadership inside the operation center.

The authority telecommunications team provided the emergency lines and backup plans for emergency number 997 plus the wireless network in all circumstances, in addition to participating with other sectors in limiting intervention committees, also some basic and backup equipment such as spare parts to guaranty the quick response to fix the emergency cases and the team follow up the network stability and signal existence 24 hours with making the regular reports.

The communications and information technology prepared an operation center with developed system to manage, organize and follow up the calls plus locating the callers, moreover managing the fleets, and detecting plus supervising vehicles system, in addition of measuring the receiving call performance level, and measuring the response time plus evaluating the field teams performance to guaranty achieving faster response for calls.

It is mentioned that, the general management of telecommunications and information technology has commissioned 64 employees such as engineers, telecommunications technicians, station engineers, tower climbers, generator technicians, electricity technicians, and recording systems, plus a complete team to provide the emergency operation center 997 throughout the day in addition to other teams to provide the committees And administrative groups.       



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