With ambulatory teams, a Caravan and an Exhibition: Awareness and ambulatory participation of the Saudi Red Crescent Authority in (Mizwalah 2) Carnival

The Saudi Red Crescent Authority participated in (Mizwalah 2) Carnival with ambulatory teams and volunteers and awareness caravan sited in AlReem international circuit sponsored by Saudi charity association for Alzheimer's disease on Friday and Saturday. More than 70 thousand visitors joined the event on those two days.

This participation represents the social and humanitarian responsibility that calls for being available for the community in such events with ambulatory teams operated by the best of staff, medical equipment and ambulance vehicles ready to deliver ambulatory services for any emergency case.

The Authority contributed in the event with ambulatory team and ALS intervention teams with every team included a paramedic and a doctor, medical golf cart for volunteers and 20 other volunteers distributed in every part of the event ready to help and support with first aid for visitors.

The awareness caravan of the Saudi Red Crescent Authority had its share in the event with awareness exhibition and internal and big external displays for short awareness messages and brief show on the history of the Saudi Red Crescent. The Caravan also included maquettes of operation centers, ambulance cars and manikin for emergency cases and medical appliances used in first aid and rescue operations conducted by ambulatory teams of the Saudi Red Crescent Authority.

The caravan and the exhibition presented lectures on first aid and methods on how to deal with injuries and patients in houses, work, schools and universities given by specialized and well-qualified trainers with accumulated experience in the field of first aid. 

The caravan got admiration from the majority of the visitors especially children and their families as they got an explanation on the contents of the mobile exhibition and received souvenirs and first aid bag along with brochures. 



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