The Authority Conducts (29) ambulatory course and deals with (45) emergency cases

Visitors continued to attend the days of Al Janadriyah - The National Festival for Heritage and Culture to visit the participated government pavilions in this historical gathering. Those visitors are keen to know the history of establishment of those government entities including the pavilion of the Saudi Red Crescent Authority that witnessed large number of visitors who want to know the starting days of this humanitarian body. For that, the Authority made sure to represent the beginning of its establishment since the days of the late King Abdulaziz- May Allah bless him- until the recent days with a historical documentary show as well presenting the first ambulance vehicle in service that delivered that humanitarian service in the era of King Abdulaziz.

On the second day, visitors viewed the humanitarian works of outstanding ambulatory services performed by the Authority where they get orientation on types of vehicles used to response to emergency cases and types and specifications as well locations where it those vehicles varies in use according to the population and the nature of the emergency cases.    

The Authority provided training areas in their pavilion for visitors where they would receive simplified basic training on how to deal with emergency case like the ones might encounter in home, work areas and on the road. The number of courses conducted until Friday reached (29) courses where more than (200) visitors attended and granted a certificate for mastering the skills of first aid.

Visitors also showed high appreciation on the experience of the Authority in the field of volunteering works and their participation in national, social, international and sport events. That officially attracted number of visitors to register their names in the volunteering activities conducted by the Authority with more than (50) new volunteer registered in the first two day of Janadriyah festival to contribute in awareness works performed by the Authority in local and international participations.

On other hand, visitors admired the activities of the awareness caravan and its contents of an exhibition that presented the journey of the Authority and viewed the early stages of every emergency case since the reporting until the arrival of an ambulance to the location and how to deal with the case in a correct manner. Also, the exhibition corrected the wrong concepts of works conducted by the Authority on this regard.

Officials in the Saudi Red Crescent Authority give high level of attention to spot highlights restoring family links program to made the visitors aware of the humanitarian effort made by the Authority in this field from receiving seeking requests on lost individuals outside the Kingdom up to coordinating with international organizations; to identify location of those missing to reach them via the authorities in the country they found in and link them to their families until they get back to the homeland.

Emergency Medical teams were distributed by the Saudi Red Crescent Authority consisting of (130) volunteers around the areas of the festival to serve in any emergency cases and to be at the nearest spot to injuries and patience when they demand help. In addition to (20) ambulatory teams in fixed positions to insure support of the other ambulatory teams who move around in the area when emergency cases occurs as well helping in transferring of ambulatory cases to a health facility.

The number of emergency cases that reached for service by the ambulatory teams inside the festival since it starts reached (45) cases where some of them managed in location and others transferred to a health facility to carry on medical procedures.



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