In Cooperation with MOH: Saudi Red Crescent Authority Inaugurated (Infection Control) Workshop

The Saudi Red Crescent Authority innagurated a workshop titled (Infection control) last Sunday and Monday in Riyadh main office in cooperation with the Ministry of Health.
The workshop included 8 lectures delivered by group of doctors and specialists in the subject matter from the ambulatory services department of the Authority and the General Directorate of Infection Control from the ministry of Health.
His Excellency, Dr. Mohammed bin Abdullah Al-qasim, in his opening speech, stressed that the Authority is giving high level of attention to the safety of their field staff and insure a healthy and safe work environment to protect them from any infections during the transferring process of emergency cases.
His excellency also highlighted that the Authority is continuously conducting workshops and lectures to educate staff in the field and enlighten them on infection issues and obstacles encountered as well to figure out solutions that lead to establish a safe work environment while taking emergency cases. 



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