Headed by Dr. Al Rabiah: Board of Directors 9 th annual meeting

The Board of Directors of the Saudi Red Crescent Authority held a meeting today headed by His Excellency Minister of Health Dr. Tawfiq Al Rabiah. The ninth meeting this year was held at the main office of the Saudi Red Crescent as members started with a presentation on Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) initiative as well as periodical presentation on the Authority's performance related to the national transformation program initiatives.


The board of the members also followed up with most highlighted updates of the achievements accomplished by the Authority especially in the expansion of the ambulatory coverage and the development of the quality of humanitarian works. Number of new electronic services inaugurated were discussed during the meeting and a revision of FY 2018 budget of the Authority were made including the allocated expenses to guarantee the objectives to be obtained. An initiative of ambulatory conditions were discussed. The board of members finally reviewed the annual report of the Authority for the FY 2018 to be prepared for submission to the higher commissioner and the reports submitted from the sub-commissions of the board as well other issues related to the agenda of the meetings to take necessary actions. 



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