Arab Red Cross and Red Crescent organization demands an international humanitarian fact-finding for Mosul torturing crimes and Aleppo hospitals bombing

Arab Red Cross and Red Crescent organization condemned horrible torturing crimes in Mosul in Iraq that reported officially (visual, audible and written) by credible media. The organization pointed that savage behaviors and hateful acts committed by the fighting sides do not belong to humanitarian work and the international humanitarian law which protect the civilians in the first grade as well maintaining their moral rights through conflicts. Those revengeful works collapse inwards the international efforts that seek eliminating the terrorism, terrorists and extremism. Moreover, those horrible and disgusting crimes contradict all heavenly religions teachings including the true religion of Islam that preserve the human dignity and values moreover recommend treating all people during war humanly.

Arab Red Cross and Red Crescent organization announced in press released as a mean to deliver thier humanitarian message, strongly condemned all the savage and barbaric acts that contradict the principles, values and essence of the international humanitarian law and all humanity principles in general.  The related international organizations demanded hard work with the organization witnessing those acts in addition of framing an independent international humanitarian fact-finding for those important issues, then according to the international laws bringing criminals to justice.

In the meantime, the organization condemned bombing the remaining hospitals in Aleppo province in the northern part of Syria and western Aleppo countryside resulting destroying those hospitals and left them un-operational and damaging the ambulances resulting causalities among the medical staff and patients and injured people received after the raids targeted other hospitals. The organization expressed its deep sorrow over the civilians and patients deprivation of the urgent medical and surgical under the brutal targeting and criminal work.  

The organization described those raids as " war crimes violating the international law" and confirmed that those attacks contradict the humanitarian international law which obligates protecting medical staff, health facilities and ambulance personnel.

For that, the organization called for activating "the international humanitarian fact-finding committee" which is the only permanent authority specialized in investigating humanitarian international law violations in order to survey those crimes, violations and torturing that happened in Mosul recently and Aleppo targeted hospital bombing. There were obvious violations for the humanitarian international law which have no accepted justifications for the prohibited violence works especially torturing civilians and hospital bombing.    



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