Head of Arab Red Crescent and Red Cross organization, Dr. Saleh bin Hamad Al-Seheibani spectates the efforts of the regional office of the Saudi Red Crescent Authority in Sudan

Dr. Saleh bin Hamad Al-Seheibani, the head of Arab Red Crescent and Red Cross organization, praised accomplishments made by the Saudi Red Crescent Authority regional office in Sudan for their developmental projects in contribution to eliminate deprivation and elevate health services and developmental programs. Dr. Al-Seheibani appreciated such astonishing qualitative programs and activities as considered an honorable humanitarian symbol for the successful work and brilliant planning and great support. He also complimented the efforts of continuous follow-up and great concerns of the regional directors and the staff in accelerating projects to be useful for our brothers in Sudan.

Dr. Al- Seheibani confirmed the attention and care of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia led by the Custodian of the two holy mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud and the good government in the humanitarian and relief works for the Sudanese brothers. He in particular indicated the appreciation delivered by his excellency the assistant of the Sudanese president during the meeting and also appreciated the generous follow up and direct supervision for those projects when inaugurated by the head of the Saudi Red Crescent Authority. He also praised the relief coordination and support from the office of the ambassador of the Custodian of the two holy mosques in Sudan, Mr. Faisal bin Hamed Mu'alla.

This was during his visit to the location of the regional office of the Saudi Red Crescent Authority in Khartoum in line of efforts made by Arab Red Crescent and Red Cross organization conducting an inspection visit to Sudan to observe the recent disaster floods in the country. The Arab Secretary of the organization launched humanitarian appeal that responded by the majority of the national societies in GCC countries and some charity associations and bodies beside other international organizations of the international movement of red cross and red crescent societies. 

Dr.Al- Seheibani listened to detailed explanation from the previous director of the Saudi Red Crescent regional office in Sudan, Mr. Hasan bin Nahar Al-Motairi, as he indicated that the Authority is devoted on execution of 40 projects via 20 programs distributed in 76 locations in 10 Sudanese states. He specified that projects executed by the Kingdom in "Darfur" previously included sanitation and water as well early recovery and some other developmental and educational programs which contributed in enhancing the humanitarian states with acknowledgement of international humanitarian organizations of interest and the Sudanese government.

Dr. Al-Seheibani also visited the project of the Custodian of the two holy mosques the late King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz village that witnesses a day and night long works in the state of Al-Jazeera in Sudan Republic since the 10th of may 2015. It is considered as one of the thorough humanitarian projects that covers providing accommodation, health services, education, mosques, water supply and program to prepare families to be productive and self-contained. The project set end for suffering of inhabitants of 38 village in Um-Al Qura locality in Al-Jazeera State for their annual damage due the location of their village in stream flow. The Saudi Red Crescent Authority strived to find solutions for the village with the support of the Saudi government. A qualitative idea of the project was to establish an alternative village in safe area away from the hazards of floods in cooperation with the concerned activities in the Sudanese government. The project is consider one of its kind in the humanitarian field in Sudan Republic due to the urgent need for the inhabitants of the village for a residency and the project covering all aspects of life that was provided by the late King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz to the humanity. The new village will contribute in maintaining lives and properties of (700 families) by establishing (350 residential units) to obtain (700) house with appliances costing (12,400,000 Saudi Riyal). The village were established away from the risk of floods protecting inhabitants from the heat of the summer and cold winters and providing health service for them and their neighbor residences. Education is also provided for the inhabitants of the new village as well their neighbors, water supply with tanks built for water storage, a recreational park also established for children for emotional support and rehabilitation of families with the utmost need those who lost their properties by supplying them with means of making a living such as livestock and seeds also building skills like providing sewing machines and ovens all come according to their capabilities and experience to maintain dignity and humanity of those families to become productive through program for building capabilities of poor families. Youth also were provided with training in vocational works like building, smithing, painting and electricity works via enlist them in works of establishing the village.  Helping the families who are in urgent need for the life requirements and basic facilities as well constructive programs achieved the excellence of those continuous humanitarian projects.

Al-Mutairi added in his speech, during the visit event of the secretary general of the organization to one live model of qualitative health center located in the main road linking Al- Jazeera state with Al-Khartoum city, that the Authority in cooperation with the Sudanese ministry of health have accomplished preparing and executing (10) medical clinics in several states like Sennar, Al Qadarif, Kassala, Northern (Ash Shamaliyah), River Nile (Nahr an Nil) and Red Sea (Al Bahr al Ahmar) state. He stated that those centers serving over (100) thousand individual and those centers featuring good infrastructure and modern equipment and devises as well medical furniture prepared with high standards and technologies. Every center included a pharmacy, laboratory and a small operation room as well an office for the doctor and a midwife and ladies ward.



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