For the continuous respect of the humanitarian international law by the Kingdom Saudi Red Crescent Authority head the meeting for the standing committee of international humanitarian law

Standing committee of humanitarian international law held a meeting, head by Saudi Red Crescent Authority, in the head office this evening to discuss issues set in the agenda including a suggestion to form Arab expert government team of experts in humanitarian international law within the Arab League.

During the meeting, the suggestion was taken to be in institutional work among Arab League to symbolize the attention given by Arab countries in the humanitarian international law and following up development in the law and challenges encountered. In addition, the meeting discussed the quantum leap of efforts made by Arab League related to the law as the meeting discussed related bylaws for its establishment, formation, fields of specialty and work mechanism etc..

The committee, also, discussed a suggestion, submitted by the Saudi Red Crescent Authority regarding recommendations to Security Council delivered by the Secretary General United Nations for necessary arrangements to be taken to avoid accidents and to provide more accountability, protection report for injuries, patients and those who work in the medical field and humanitarian aid labors with medical tasks, means of transportations, equipment, hospitals and every health facility.

Saudi Red Crescent Authority stressed on having correspondences with International Committee of Red Cross to get their views on the recommendations (As considered the responsible authoritative party of humanitarian international law) and eventually a letter to be submitted to the secretary general of United Nation to intensify the importance of the decision and efforts to be made in preparing those recommendations as well the confirm of the attention given by the Kingdom in the respecting of humanitarian international law.



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