Attended by H.E dr. Mohammed bin Abdullah Al-Qasim, president of the Saudi Red Crescent Authority, and number of ICRC SMEs, the Saudi Red Crescent Authority organized a preparatory course in the last three days (15-17 April) in cooperation with the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement delivered to 40 volunteers

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Saudi Red Crescent Authority inaugurates King Abdullah Village in Sudan in Aljazeerah state, 250 Km from the capital city of Khartoum east of Madani state located in the heart of agricultural projects of "the green island" as it is called by its residences.

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Standing committee of humanitarian international law held a meeting, head by Saudi Red Crescent Authority, in the head office this evening to discuss issues set in the agenda including a suggestion to form Arab expert government team of experts in humanitarian international law within the Arab League.

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Arab Red Cross and Red Crescent organization condemned the horrible torturing crimes in Mosul (the Iraqi city) reported officially (visual, audible and written) by honest media. The organization pointed that those savage behaviors and hateful acts done by the fighting sides does not belong to humanitarian work and the international humanitarian law which protect the civilians in the first grade plus maintaining their moral rights through conflicts. Those revengeful works collapse inwards the international efforts that seek eliminating the terrorism, terrorists and extremism. Moreover, those horrible and disgusting crimes contradict all heavenly religions teachings including the true religion of Islam that preserve the human dignity and values moreover recommend treating all people during war humanly.

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Dr. Saleh bin Hamad Al-Seheibani, the head of Arab Red Crescent and Red Cross organization, praised accomplishments made by the Saudi Red Crescent Authority regional office in Sudan for their developmental projects in contribution to eliminate deprivation and elevate health services and developmental programs. Dr. Al-Seheibani appreciated such astonishing qualitative programs and activities as considered an honorable humanitarian symbol for the successful work and brilliant planning and great support. He also complimented the efforts of continuous follow-up and great concerns of the regional directors and the staff in accelerating projects to be useful for our brothers in Sudan.

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