Prince Naif Program

Prince Naif first-aid program

This program is dedicated to the employees of government entities, private sector, as well as the public and including school students. In 1405 H, the Saudi Red Crescent Society started to provide the program broadly covering 21,857 individuals, the number of beneficiaries of this program has increased steadily, His Royal Highness the late Minister of Interior Prince Naif bin Abdulaziz had sponsored this program, and since then the program named (Prince Naif First-aid program) in 1418 H.

After the year 1418 H, Prince Naif first-aid program took responsibility for everything related to the trainee and the trainer in first-aid programs. Therefore, the program was divided into two parts as the first part cares for the trainees, providing training courses to the public and employees of government entities and all other beneficiaries of the employees of companies on hour-length of first-aid training (Three hours for two days or two hours for three days). The course is divided into sessions with a theoretical part to give all initial emergency information theories in addition to a practical part for applying first aid skills. Qualified trainers responsible for delivering the courses (Physicians and non-physicians) to a range between 8-15 trainees in each class and eventually granted a certificate after passing two theoretical and practical exams.

Female training at the Prince Naif Program

Training courses at Prince Naif Program for first aid was not exclusively for men, sections of the training courses were innovated to include qualified female trainers in a number of branches of the Society in Riyadh region in 1420 H and the 1420 H in Mecca and in 1422 H in Medina. Female trainees in the eastern region and Al Qasim and other regions were trained through the cooperation with doctors and nurses from the General Directorate of health affairs. Female training centers have begun targeting different sectors to provide training for their employees in first aid. A family project was introduced with the aim to have a family member in every course to be aware of first aid skills especially mothers. Female training sections in branches also produce leaflets to introduce courses in first aid skills and participate in some events, such as International Nurses Day and campaign of civil defense and traffic, and so forth. In addition to what was mentioned regarding the trainees in the program, the other part is also concentrating on trainees in Prince Naif first-aid program as the Society has created since the year of 1419 H (i.e. the year for the launch of the new name for the program). The program is called "Preparing trainers" which based on finding a healthy training environment. It instructs trainers over 4 days to the skills required for the delivery of information to the beneficiaries, stressing on the role of the visual, auditory and communicative means in consolidation of the information in the mind of the recipient. After that, a part of the session is allocated to examine each trainer's performance; the certificate is awarded at the end of the session for the program to those who pass the tests.

Prince Naif first-aid program
Achievements of Prince Naif Program

During the first year, the program has set up 17 training centers for men and 5 training centers for women, delivering training courses to a total of 11.769 trainees on the principles of first aid in that year by completion rate of 98%. The number of training courses held in the entire Kingdom reached the number of 848 training courses on the principles of first aid. The number of trained men reached 10.396 trainees, and the number of courses was 736 training courses. The number of trainees of women reached 1.373 trainees and the number of courses delivered was 112 courses.

Unification of curricula were made as well the methods and tools for explanations and equipment training used which enabled the establishment of a special course for School first-aid awareness includes the orientation of the Saudi Red Crescent Society and its role and how to contact him, and focuses on the preventive side, where there were more than 500 schools to visit and educate more than 100,000 students. Employees from King Fahd Security College, security squads, the Royal Guard in Riyadh have been qualified as trainers. Some of the employees from the Royal Guard, road security forces, the General security, Narcotics Control, health centers, the general directorate of health affairs, border guards, civil defense, Saudi Arabian Airlines, Saudi Telecom company, students from schools in summer centers, events security forces, general directorate for prisons, general intelligence presidency, military affairs, Special Forces for road safety, special emergency forces, Safety, Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice, Ministry of Hajj, the Department of Education, the army, courts presidency, teachers from the Ministry of Education, employees of motor vehicle periodical inspection center, public and private sector such as banks, hotels and other employees of other institutions have been trained with this program. The program was also able to prepare female trainers for female sections 25 female doctors and nurses.

The program continued at the same momentum two years after its start, the number of beneficiaries of the program on the principles of first aid amounted to 12703 trainees at the completion of 85%, and the number of training courses held in the Kingdom reached 979 training courses until then. The number of trainees of men reached 10826 trainees, and the number of courses was 918. While the number of female trainees 1877 trainee in 160 courses. A visit to more than 700 schools was conducted spreading awareness to more than 300,000 students that enabled the establishment of a special training center for women in Riyadh region with the preparation of trained and qualifying them to work in the program. However, in 1420 H, the proportion of the achievements of the program were witnessed a decrease due to several reasons:

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