First : Introduction

Allah says: “And whoever does good spontaneously, then surely Allah is grateful, knowing.”(Al-Baqara 158)

The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said :
“The parable of the believers in their affection, mercy, and compassion for each other is that of a body. When any limb aches, the whole body reacts with sleeplessness and fever.”

Volunteers' Association is one of the Associations that have been created in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Association was created by the King Abdulaziz bin Abdulrahman Al Saud, may God rest his soul in 1353, under the name of (charitable Ambulance Association). It is concerned with ambulance services in al hajj and al omrah session, and continued to work until 1383. Later the Association turned into a government authority under the name of the Saudi Red Crescent Society. Then, it turned to the Saudi Red Crescent Authority.

Second: Facts and numbers:

Today, voluntary work have a special attention by contemporary societies, especially in the field of community development. Saudi Red Crescent Authority has succeeded in attracting more volunteers in various fields:

  •   Medical ambulatory field.
  •   International humanitarian and relief, disasters and crises.
  •   National social sphere.
  •   Training and awareness.

SRCA introduced 13 volunteer departments distributed among the main branches in the Kingdom; also, we developed voluntary work system and policies that explain all the volunteers' rights and rules.

SRCA established a volunteer's e-service on the SRCA's portal; this service explains the volunteer work that carried out by SRCA.

More than 4018 active Volunteers in different field generously give their time and care to support the beneficiaries in the side of with SRCA. also SRAC worked to take benefits of international experiences in this field so she held training sessions for clarify the responsibilities of the volunteer and the volunteer's required work.

Saudi Red Crescent Authority also benefit from the participation of a number of volunteers in multiple field during the Hajj and Umrah seasons, and that is whats has been proved by facts and images.

Third: Achievements:

SRCA Achievements in volunteer field:

  •   Volunteers participated in the Hajj and Umrah seasons, where SRCA starts with accepting of participants who should be older than 17 years. There were more than 1500 volunteer participate in Hajj session in 1437.
  •   Participate in providing medical assistance and relief in crises and disasters (check the Picture of the relief of Jeddah's flood) - Media Center (1430-1431)
  •   apply (volunteer paramedic) Project in each school. The project consider as part of training and education.
  •   participate in blood donation campaign to be organized in cooperation with relevant authorities.

Forth: The most important participations in local and world conferences in the field of volunteering:

  •   1 - Five local and global Conferences in volunteering field.
  •   2 - SRCA won the annual award of volunteering work from UAE in 1432.
  •   3 - Contribution to research in the 25th international conference in disaster management of Canada – 1436.

Fifth: Finally

We are grateful and thankful and to branches managers and volunteer's officials for their time and effort in the volunteering field.

No. Region e-mail
1 General Department of voluntary volunteer@srca.org.sa
2 Riyadh ruhvol@SRCA.ORG.SA
3 Makkah makvol@SRCA.ORG.SA
4 Medina volmdn@srca.org.sa
5 Eastern Province (Ash-Sharqiyyah) dmmvol@SRCA.ORG.Sa
6 Al-Qassim Qasvol@SRCA.ORG.SA
7 Ha'il hilvol@SRCA.ORG.Sa
8 Al-Jawf jofvol@SRCA.ORG.Sa
9 Tabuk tabvol@SRCA.ORG.Sa
10 Northern Borders (AlHodood Ash-Shamalia) arrvol@SRCA.ORG.Sa
11 AL Bahah bahvol@SRCA.ORG.Sa
12 'Asir asrvol@SRCA.ORG.Sa
13 Jizan jazvol@SRCA.ORG.Sa
14 Najran najvol@SRCA.ORG.Sa
Contact Info
Main Department 014896814
Riyadh Region 014893540
Al Madinah 04847317
Al-Qassim Region 063248788
Asir 072245744
Eastern Region 038417780
Tabuk Region 044262125
Jizan 073220030 / 103

Women's volunteer programs:
  • 1. Neighborhood Paramedic
  • 2. Ambulance Volunteers team
  • 3. Awareness and Education
  • 4. Volunteered Collaborative

International Volunteer Day for Saudi Red Crescent Authority at northern border area in 2016

Red Crescent volunteers from Riyadh branch attend the of equestrian race

Volunteering management from Riyadh branch contribute in traffic Week in 1433

Volunteers' Meeting with the director of Red Crescent branch in Riyadh

Documentary Video for Jeddah floods - Part I

Documentary Video for Jeddah floods - Part 2

Documentary Video for Jeddah floods - Part 3

Documentary Video for Jeddah floods - Part 4

Sayings about SRCA and its volunteers - Part I

Sayings about SRCA and its volunteers - Part 2

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